My shopping list

Posted by Mike Kaaks

13 April 2020

1 End ideological pre-eminence in government
I admit this one is a challenge. And yet it is perhaps one of the best examples of building on something we are seeing in dealing with covid 19. Both sides of politics are being respectful of each other. They could absolutely go further right now but lets just keep it as a future goal for now.

2 Great Place to Live, Great places to work
Make the Australian workplace a great place to work. Implement policies that align with [workplace reform] to make Australia a truly great place to live. Somewhere that demonstrates genuine care and respect for ALL its citizens. Make Australian companies great places to work. Use society wide measures that tell the story and drive the change

3 The Gig economy
Spin doctors and snake oil salesmen have been here. Be your own boss sounds great. Choose when you will work sounds great. Give up a number of hard fought employment rights for the privilege to transfer risk from the business owner to you doesn't sound so good. And what of the impact on all of us when these transfers are to public funded facilities and services?

On reflection it seems like this is not a lot different from Franchising.

The bigger question is respect for all people who work no matter the role. The discussion of the importance of “front line workers” in times of crisis (Bushfires and covid19) gives a perspective.

4 Immigration
I’m a migrant. All non-indigenous Australians are migrants or their descendents are migrants. Migration has fuelled our growth. Why is it that we want to pull down the shutters?

5 Infrastructure
there is abundant rain in the North (annual floods in Qld, Lake Argyle in WA) and droughts in the South. After 100+ years of discussion, lets do it!

6 Republic, Flag, Anthem
Bring this to the top of the pile. We do not need our constitutional link to the England. We do not need (and I don’t want) a Union Jack in my flag. And let’s get an anthem that you feel like singing, because of the words and of the tune. Something with life, Something modern.

7 Private Profits, Socialised losses; Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor

The economic effects of Covid on business are all in varying degrees falling on the public purse, a public purse that is under-funded because of tax avoidance and evasion. Business, Banks especially should pay for this benefit

8 Too big to fail

if this is the case do something other than raiding the public purse when things go wrong. Separate [standard banking] from [Financial Management]

9 Tax avoidance and evasion
Global giants. Tax havens. Global actions Wealth and taxation.
Taxation of the largest corporations. The surveillance economy.

10 Privatisation
Supposedly more efficient because of competition and an inherent skill of the private sector. Why then did we privatise capital city airports creating monopoly businesses whose only risk of competition is in public funding of additional airports. What about Northern rail in Britain?
Tell the story of money has to go somewhere so public assets are the only thing left. Leads to large scale private investment in security. Prisons, private armies. These are things that ethically and morally should not be provided by private ownership

11 Australian Foreign Affairs
Why do we let the USA stand as de facto United nations? I read a headline when Israel announced its intentions to annexe the Jordan Valley that the move was APPROVED by the US. Who are they to APPROVE such a thing,

12 US sanctions
are worse than wars in large part because they are invisible. Those in favour of course would argue the opposite because that invisibility is a reflection of less cost to the one imposing the sanctions. And what of other countries blindly signing on to this bullying?

13 Palestine / Israel
Remove the blockades and sanctions, create a viable 2 state option. Be allowed to critically debate Israeli actions and policies without being labelled anti-semitic. There should be a place for open debate about this. Again, why blindly follow the US on this?

14 Jobs for the boys
Hockey and Beazley to the US, Downer to London. Enough of this. We removed defined benefit superannuation for all new Fed pollies coming in from 2004. We should also remove this snout-in-trough behaviour.

15 Less Defence more education and health
Call it defence sounds better than calling it war. But if its not war preparation what is it? We could add to this the health and education fund the commitment to Patrol boats and fighter jets. Training future airline pilots for free. Giving 10 captains a chance to play that old childhood game of battleships.

After Covid