Beyond Measure supports people in understanding their values and connecting with their purpose as the starting point for being energised in what they do. It's purpose is to help people who are stuck.

Reading :Yuvall Noah Harari - Sapiens

Watching : Shoshana Zuboff - Surveillence Capitalism

Finding a replacement for unbridled capitalism is something I want to be part of.

Basic Income is a great step towards breaking down poverty and the wealth gap.

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    One-on-one conversations helping you realise your goals.
    One-on-many conversations helping teams align with their collective values and purpose...

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    a Tool for coaching demonstrated through a series of examples that are laid out in a manner that will help you to help your coachees know themsleves more deeply. They ...

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    We favour the one who goes to war and fear the one who supports economic development.....

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