A view from the UK

Posted by Karina Kielbinska

01 September 2020

Our future will benefit by change at all levels, some here are national, some personal.

Flexible Working
Many people have done it superbly, long may it continue. There is a massive caveat here though about the environment in which they do so. Someone in a large home with a study / office and outdoor / breakout space is no doubt laughing their way through all this. Someone in a shared house (most of my old team here) where their only ‘work’ space also doubles as their sleeping space and probably living space, is perhaps more keen to get back to an office. There is a way that we can make better ongoing use of technology to stop the relentless commute (you’ve not lived it until you have to go on the London Underground everyday) and give people back time and space to work in a more creative and unrestrained way?

Supporting local.
As the big grocers ran out of loo roll and pasta and coffee, the small local shops, who I was always too busy to go to, came into their own. I have loved getting to know the people who own these amazing stores. They have been extraordinary through all of this, and regardless of the fact they are generally more costly, I am sticking with them from now on. They turned on a dime and tried new things because they had to, from home delivery to home cooked meals to online ordering. They deserve our support.

More transparent government.
I have long been a strong supporter of Boris and really admire the way he has bought complete transparency to what’s going on. He’s announced today about maintaining a daily press briefing (which all his predecessors pushed against) and I think this is a good thing. It took a pandemic for it to happen, but it needs to stay.

Healthcare and the NHS
There are loads around healthcare, but to be honest the NHS needs to be totally rebooted and started again, and I’m not sure anyone has the heart for that in this generation!

And a personal one - keep 'seeing’ friends more often
we have set times every week now for zooming different people, and I love it! Rather than cramming everything into a dinner during a quick weekend in Scotland, or straining to hear in a crowded restaurant in London, we are having proper quality zoom together time with cherished friends and family no matter where they are, and I can’t get enough!

After Covid