Here we go - this first of Many - the importance of directors with experience

Posted by Phil Hopwood, Toronto

29 March 2020

In my COVID-19-inspired period of self-isolating I have been thinking a lot about the role of a Director in these times of huge uncertainty, change and potential existential threats for all types of organizations. I think the ICD Canada is doing a great job trying to provide resources for boards and directors. They are committed to providing resources to help Directors in these troubling times. A key issue that I see is: at this time who wants to take on the risk of being a company director? But the fact is they are needed more and more - to provide leadership, steady governance, and advice based on experience of dealing with past crises. How many people running organizations today remember the business "downturn" (practical economic collapse) of Australia in the early 1990's? What about the early 2000's - after the dotcom crash? Now more than ever it appears to me the role of a Director is a critical one.

After Covid