Speaking Out

Posted by Mike Kaaks

09 January 2016

When I started blogging my purpose was to communicate with potential clients, having the website as a credential, something to back up my Linkedin profile. As a result I filtered what I talked about, especially my views about the wealth gap and the impact of unbridled capitalism. For some time this compromise has been bugging me and I now see that it is the reason for the blogging process coming to a halt last year. In addition to writing about how I see work and life at the micro level as I’ve been doing, I like to talk about things at the macro level.

The best example I can think of is my view that capitalism in it’s current form has been a disaster for the world. When I say that many people think I’m saying that I’m for socialism or communism. Far from it. Those regimes have equally been proven to fail their societies. What I stand for is the emerging models designed to act in the interest of society, and sustainability for all. That is not a signal that I’m now a Green. It’s just that we have to find ways to make things last. There are a number of expressions for this future: Market Socialism, Economic Democracy, Empathetic Civilisation. and others. The common thread is that the rewards in society are used to provide a good life for all, rather than to accelerate the current obscene level of wealth movement from the under classes to the already very wealthy.

We need to look beyond the ownership class, to move on from shareholder value as a driver. Seven or eight years ago I read two very enlightened and enlightening books: Firms of Endearment (Wolfe et al) and Meaning Inc (Bains et al) both of which signalled this change. Sadly not much has happened. In fact globalisation and tools like Investor State Dispute Settlement hiding in Free Trade Agreements suggest the pendulum is still swinging the wrong way.

There is a theme in what I’m saying - DWYSYWD - Do What You Say You Will Do. A theme to drive my action. If I have a voice, no matter how small, I will lend it to the cause.

I’m inspired to give voice to this issue by so many books and talks, none more so than Margaret Meade’s words that are currently on the home page of this website “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Time to Make a Difference