Life is one big Mind Map

Posted by Mike Kaaks

23 August 2013

Life is one big mind map. That line appeared in my mind as I was sitting in front of the computer wondering if there is a unity in the blogs I've posted. Of course, there is - they are all written by the same person and they have a universal theme about people being together. In those nano seconds the mind takes at these times, I got a picture of all that I've read coming together, then all that I've done, then all that I am, and then came the opening line above - its all one great big mind map. Imagine being able to draw it. How big would the canvas be? What would be the themes of the main branches? How might one read something so big? How could it be shared? On one side things that I've done, things that have happened to me, on the other side things I believe, things that make me who I am. Is it just a thought that I should move on from, or is it telling me something?
Another way to look at it is that this is a message (let's not bog down on the question of where from just now) not seeking such a direct reaction. The other day in one of those nod off moments I had a flash in which my father as a 38 year old was sitting opposite me, giving me feedback on something I'm working on. When I tried to focus on him the bubble burst, the image and any connection was gone. Are these two things connected? They make me think about the importance of being. It seems that this is becoming like a cause for me. To make as many people as I can see it this way. If I add in the recent blog about context (I tend to write these things as the thought arises so this can be seen as another message) then its all about the big picture, not just mine, but also of those I work with. This brought me back to an old thought about a series of continuum's on which we plot ourselves as an aid to seeing where we are, and to sharing that with others. In this data centric world, I like the fundamental nature of this.approach. This is not about a level of proof that satisfies academia, not about defending your view in the face of a team of lawyers, this is about us sharing with each other what we believe about each other.
Back to the Mind Map. What about the branches yet to be filled in? Any mind map of life has to show some empty branches. This takes to me to question of how best to deal with these. There are many writers especially in the field of business who tell us we have to have a plan. I don't subscribe. Life is to be lived. If we live in the moment, we don't need a plan. What we need is to have prepared ourselves to get the best out of what ever emerges, to make choices which will keep making the moment a happy, fulfilling, rewarding place to be.