Globalisation and connectedness

Posted by Mike Kaaks

25 October 2013

Globalisation. At the high end it is affecting us on so many levels. Much of it is challenging insofar as in bringing us all closer together it brings a risk that we lose some of our differences, some of the diversity which makes existence what it is. At a personal level it has been great.

Let me start be defining the aspect of globalisation I'm talking about when I refer to it's impact upon me. I believe in universal connectedness. We are all connected. One aspect of globalisation is the tools to live out some of this connectedness directly, physically. Colleagues I worked with in my corporate life are now all over the globe. Extended family members likewise.When I was in my twenties, communicating was in small confines. In the daily workplace or in family gatherings. Now our contact points are without limit to time or place. It's wonderful.

Recently, more than once or twice, I've had the wonderful experience of someone close to me yet on the other side of the world introducing me to a friend or colleague with whom they felt there might be mutual interest. On every occasion something positive has emerged. In one case I've found someone in Switzerland who is working on developing a coaching program very similar to something I'm working on here. The intersection of our ideas is adding to what we are creating - 2+2=5 so to speak. In another case I've connected with a person in Belgium who has a wealth of knowledge and experience on a topic I'm struggling with in building my program.

Globalisation is new but my experiences are not. The truism "when the student is ready the teacher arrives" has been around for millennia. It is another way of seeing what I've described in these connections.

I don't usually use what is going on in my life as a basis for these blogs, but the feelings I'm enjoying are compelling. Is there a lesson here? Perhaps not a lesson but I will leave this with you: there are people out there ready to be part of your odyssey. In one sense that are already connected to you. Be open to finding them and make those connections physical.