At the Crossroads

Posted by Mike Kaaks

28 May 2013

I love the sense that flows from the expression "at the crossroads" For me those words are forever anchored in the Robert Johnson blues Crossroads.That music has often been matched with an image of the intersection of two straight dirt roads in the open and remote spaces of a rural setting. It's where I feel I am just now.

I know I'm on a journey which started about 13 years ago. It started with a set of feedback which opened my eyes to the person who I am. Around that time someone lead me to Lynne Mctaggart's "The Field". Between then and now there have been a string of books which have layered onto each other as they informed my thinking about what is important, how life works, and what that means for life in business. This has become a challenge to create message through which I can accelerate the journey of others along this same path. For much of the time I have seen that as a need to create a unique theory, something never seen before. As I've chased that down I've discovered that most thoughts have been had already (which affirms something of what McTaggart is saying). I've reached that point a few times and felt flat, thinking I've got to go searching again. This current search has brought me to the crossroads again.

Swirling around in my mind are the ideas of Otto Scharmer, the researched insights of Daniel Khaneman, of Daniel Pink, and many others. As I sensed myself sitting cross-legged on that dusty corner, I have realised that original thought is just that. It's how I think about all that I'm embracing. It doesn't have to be a thought never had before somewhere out there in the universe. It's not required to be a new invention. It qualifies by being an original though in my mind, a meld of all the inputs made unique by the way I see their unity. And, in the sprint of that great blues, the beauty is that I didn't have to deal with the devil to get that realisation. It is helping me no end in my endeavour to describe how I see these insights playing out for a leadership group.

Unfortunately it's just the context, not the content. That struggle continues.