Cause and Effect

Posted by Mike Kaaks

25 February 2013

As is so often the case, something I just read has inspired me to write on this topic. I've just enjoyed for the second time (although it slowed down at the end) Tim Parks' book "Teach us to Sit Still". At the core his narrative tells of dealing with pain that could have been associated with his prostate, of being recommended by his surgeon to have an operation, then responding to the surgeon's caveat that the pain might not go away after the surgery. That lead Tim to terminate the surgery option and look for other solutions which might deal with the effect he was experiencing. He found the answer through a number of forms of meditation, and some massage. It's a sobering thought that many of us might opt for surgery when the link between the discomfort we are feeling and the target of the surgery might be tenuous.
No less important in all our decisions is to ensure we are targeting the right causes to achieve the effect we want. As regular readers here will have started to understand, I believe in synchronicity so it was not a surprise that a few days before picking up Tim Parks' book I had been working with a coachee on having them use a fishbone diagram to resolve an issue which was of concern. It's a great tool because it appeals to the left brain through its structure, and the right brain through its shape and flow. There's something there for everyone. Also handy is the fact that it works both ways. You can plug in a desired outcome and work up the causes which will lead to that outcome, or you can assemble a whole pile of information confronting you and map out to where you think it will lead.
Either way its a great aid to thinking, and a wonderful aid to making good decisions.