A Paradox in Me

Posted by Mike Kaaks

19 April 2014

I enjoy finding paradoxes amongst the subjects I love. When more of something you value creates outcomes which aren’t desirable. Like the Abilene Paradox where a family group held back from saying what they wanted to do in the interest, or so they thought, of enabling others to do what they wanted. In this case they ended up putting each other through hell because they didn’t want to rock the boat, didn’t want to go against what they thought was a common desire.

I’ve found something of a paradox in myself. Anyone who has read these blogs will know that I value qualities of being far far higher than qualities of doing, and that my purpose revolves around our connectedness. And yet one of my gifts is an ability to speak the language of process. No matter what discipline my counter party is involved in I’m able to help them draw out (and to draw) a picture of their processes which in times of change is a really useful thing. You could say its a roadmap for doing.

Perhaps it’s not a paradox but a subtle reminder that we are not all one thing or the other, but a blend; a biased blend perhaps, but a blend that connects us ever more widely than one with a narrow singular focus.