4.6 The Never Ending Now

Posted by Mike Kaaks

10 October 2019

This is a natural end point. It’s the place where we make all of our choices. NOW.

The discussion in this last section of the book has been about the journey to Self, a destination wonderfully described by Eckhart Tolle as being in the Never Ending Now.

I expect you have encountered the following string of thought:
The past is finished, there is nothing that can change it, we should not let it occupy our mind.
The future is yet to occur and can distract us from what we are doing NOW.
All life is lived in the NOW.

It is a great challenge to live in the now. And to stop identifying with and being distracted by the involuntary and incessant thinking expressed by the voice inside our head. Eckhart Tolle writes and speaks wonderfully on this subject.

I also find Tim Galway’s inner game concept a helpful tool for stopping what he calls the inner game.

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