4.3 Purpose

Posted by Mike Kaaks

10 October 2019

A couple of things in that list about moving from self to Self speak directly to the question of our Purpose: “listening to what life is calling you to do” and “follow your heart” . Of all the things you might know about yourself, this is one of the deepest, and one of the most challenging to find. I’ve looked at a number of books written to enable this inquisition. They range from over simplified and incapable to superb. In this latter category is Tim Kelley’s True Purpose. If you choose to search out an answer ot the question of your purpose, this book is a great place to start.

It gives me a chance to share an anecdote whilst also creating a link to where we are going next. Along the journey Kelley took me, he asked that I connect with my “trusted source”. I took this to mean that I should engage with a most trusted person. I chose my sister, one of the ladies to whom this book is dedicated. We had a wonderful conversation about my nature. Then I read on in the book, keen to make use of these insights, only to discover I had been talking to the wrong person! In this case Trusted Source meant the being that for me was universal truth. Be it “the Universe”, “God”, it was the other party in a dialogue with my inner self. In any case, to this day I think I got more useful insights going my way!

Purpose has an interesting aspect that I found challenging. I kept looking at next steps that were about helping people in some way or another. I found myself thinking that there must be other options. Surely not everyone ends up here. And then as I refined my purpose around the issue of helping people see themselves for what they are I realized that all definitions of purpose are going to be positive, and in the main they will be about how we share our existence on this planet. At that point it no longer felt limiting. I felt empowered. Empowered to make a difference to as many other lives as I can. I’m left with greater Hope, Possibility, connection and fulfilment. I hope the search brings you some of the same rewards.

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