4.0 Section 4: Introduction

Posted by Mike Kaaks

10 October 2019

In this section of the book we’re upping the ante, reflecting on the self we are getting to know less ambiguously.

I use the device of the small s self for the doing self, and the large S self for emotional and spiritual intelligence, the being Self. I can’t recall where I first encountered this separation but it has resonated with me from the  moment I first read it. I think that’s because it reinforces the relative value of doing and Being and expresses the value of knowing our Being unequivocally and unambiguously.

Somewhere in the last sixteen years I began to see and understand myself with that depth and clarity. Is it a function of age, of years and experiences lived? Yes. Is it only available to those who have lived the lion’s share of their three score and ten? No

Your own journeys have hopefully already exposed you to a number of these issues and you are already enjoying the rich rewards of learning and taking them on board. For those for whom  this is new, I hope you experience what elders have done in societies all around the world for aeons – the passed on wisdom of those who have come before.

And if you are or have been stuck in any way, I hope this journey together frees you up for a blessed, rich, and fulfilling future.

Absolutely You