3.5 Connectedness

Posted by Mike Kaaks

08 October 2019

In talking about Possibility I described an engagement with the world that took it’s foundation from the world of quantum physics. There is also a link to the spiritual. Understanding and valuing our spiritual qualities have thankfully become companion pieces to IQ when we try to measure a person. We talk about EQ – emotional intelligence, and SQ spiritual intelligence as important to understanding what someone brings with them. I might say that IQ is an indicator of capacity for doing, the others clearly are about our capacity for Being.

A sense of each of these intelligences can be taken from these descriptors of how they look through a lens of leadership:
IQ – thought leadership; clarity, reflection, innovation, creativity, alignment
EQ – love, happiness, enjoyment, confidence, conversation
SQ – vision, values, meaning, purpose, inspiration

Not everyone sees it this way. Newton gave the world wonderful new understanding of the way bodies relate to one another (in addition to some maths that I have never really cottoned on to!). His physical description of the world flowed into how we saw humans relate to one another. His was a view of separateness. Some of us still see humans and human endeavour in these terms. Perhaps the strongest expression of the alternative comes from Brene Brown who describes the fundamental purpose of human beings as being to connect.  

Seeing us as a connected whole is a source of comfort. It’s also constructive of a deeper view of how we can work together. Collaborating as parts of a connected whole is very different from seeing collaboration as a number of disconnected souls coming together for a brief moment to work on something.

This view of connectedness also plays into the question of teams. In workplaces all around the globe we pursue the challenge of establishing and enhancing teams. Creating unity in groups of different size, diversity, life expectancy, and responsibility. When we approach this task from a belief that we are already connected then developing a team (in Tucker’s words) from Forming through Storming and Norming to Performing is made easier and can be approached with a higher (dare I say infinite?) possibility.


  • Quantum Theory


  • Newton

"...physics is the study of the structure of consciousness."

- Gary Zukav

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