3.4 Possibility

Posted by Mike Kaaks

08 October 2019

Little doubt what my answer to this question is if you know my optimism rating (Section 3 Topic 1). I’m all about infinite possibility. My approach to this page is to encourage those of you who mark yourself at the right hand end of this line to come to move to the left and get on board the yes train.

My position on this emerged from a number of places and experiences. Those experiences fall loosely into two categories, technical and spiritual. The spiritual view emerged when I became engaged in coaching in 2003. As I participated in coaching conversations I identified a view of my purpose as being to free up people who are stuck. As I reflected on that I saw that the consequence of getting un-stuck was improvement. It’s not far from there to think about the limits of improvement. I’ve come to believe there are none. This doesn’t mean that I can become such a fast sprinter as to compete with or beat Usain Bolt – especially at my age! But can I write a book? Yes. Can I learn new things that have been too challenging in the past? Yes. Expressing that in a phrase that has growing currency, Can I be the best I can be? Undoubtedly. And very often reaching this last high point, the best I can be, will turn out to be way more than you thought possible, and the doorway to a higher level again.

The technical view comes from the world of quantum physics and the understanding that things happen around us that are a connection to something a long way off, sometimes physically, sometimes in time, and yet in this moment, specifically intended for us.

What we say and what we think radiates through the world, bringing unexpected but not surprising responses. Our possibilities are enhanced when we set our radar to capture those signals, and our set our intention to grasp them.

Infinite Possibility

  • Source
  • Universe
  • Quantum world
  • The ladder can be moved
  • Self awareness


  • Cautious
  • Low drive
  • Rellant
  • Anxious
  • Closed heart

Not only do we have the infinite possibility, we have a responsibility to bring it out in  others

Absolutely You