2.9 The Assertive Directing Person

Posted by Mike Kaaks

10 September 2019

Remember, SDI defines weaknesses as overdone strengths. As a result correcting a weakness is not learning a whole new behaviour, it's just about dialing back a bit on that behaviour and creating a a strength. The Nike tagline Just Do It is a good label for this group who are motivated by directing. As a result most of their watch-outs are about making sure that they bring others with them, that they don’t get too far ahead, that they are not out there on their own. They really want to win and there is a risk that they will step on others to do it. Bringing others along is in turn challenged by their fear that if they say what they really feel then others will use that to take advantage of them. Directing people find it rewarding to be in a place with new opportunity, potential for winning, a place that allows for self-projection and that provides personal material rewards. They feel best about what they are doing when they are in a position of providing leadership and are able to set the goals for and direct the actions of, others. They are most at ease with people who clearly understand the productivity behind the exercise of power, control, and competition. They would like to be more considerate of other people’s feelings, and more given to thinking things through before committing themselves to a course of action. If you identify with these characteristics and feel you are sometimes too rash or dictatorial, dialing back on these behaviours will return you to a position of strength.

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