2.8 The Analytical Person

Posted by Mike Kaaks

10 September 2019

A quick reminder as you consider this issue. SDI defines weaknesses as overdone strengths. As a result correcting a weakness is not learning a whole new behaviour, it's just about dialing back a bit on that behaviour and creating a a strength. The Analytical person has to watch out that their desire to create a world of right and wrong doesn’t stop them from paying attention to people’s feelings, or even actively turning others away to assert self-dependence. There’s an Analytic flavour to one of the options in the continuum on topic 2.7 - are you best working alone or in collaboration? Clarity, logic, precision, utility, durability, efficiency, and reliability are words describing the environment that Analytical people find most rewarding. Within that environment the like others who treat them as a person respected for dealing with others fairly, and for being a person of principle. It can be a tough place to be. In the interest of these qualities the Analytic person will often ask questions in the interest of others in the group getting a fair go at fully understanding what is being discussed. This can look like someone who’s a pain, stopping us from getting on with it. As a result the Analytic avoids people who are overly emotional and people who exploit others. You might have found yourself in the Nurturing description or the Analytic – or had trouble relating to the topic because you’re in one of the two groups to follow. In that case think of someone close to you who has the qualities being described.

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