2.7 The Nurturing Person

Posted by Mike Kaaks

10 September 2019

A quick reminder as you consider this issue. SDI defines weaknesses as overdone strengths. As a result correcting a weakness is not learning a whole new behaviour, it's just about dialing back a bit on that behaviour and creating a a strength. This set is about nurturing. Like so many human qualities we are not all one thing or another. As a nurturing person you will also have some Directing or Analytical or Cohesive qualities so each of these sections is relevant to you, some more than others. As a nurturing person you like being helpful in some way to others who can genuinely benefit from your help. You’re attracted to others who are strong and who know what they want to do, and who want you to be included in their activities and successes. As a nurturer you need to guard against expecting that everyone is as concerned as you about how others are feeling, and against being too quick to blame yourself for anything that goes wrong.

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