2.6 Strength Deployment Inquiry

Posted by Mike Kaaks

10 September 2019

The next three topics are taken from the psychometric tool, Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI). In amongst the many ways in which the tool can be used it has a component that focuses on strengths and weaknesses. It does this by establishing that our weaknesses are in most cases overdone expressions of a strength. This can readily be seen by comparing the qualities in the two lists on the facing page. For example, it is a great strength to be trusting but a weakness when you take it too far and become gullible. Trust is a quality we read about over and over in material about Leadership, poor judgement leading to too much trust diminishes our leadership. We’ll look at strengths in four areas of behavioural motivation Nurturing, looking out for others the Analytical approach where fairness and justice are key motivators Assertive and directing which is all about getting on with it and the Flexible and Cohesive group at the centre whose existence is about pulling things together.

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