2.11 Adaptable or spineless

Posted by Mike Kaaks

10 September 2019

The final view of self we’ll consider from SDI is the group they label as the hub – those flexible people who are motivated by qualities emerging from each of the other three. I did say I was going to avoid blends, but this is the ultimate blend, so it deserves it’s own page. It is their ability to coordinate their efforts with others in some common undertaking that leaves them feeling at their best.

They like to apply closeness (nurturing), clearness of authority (Analytic), with the opportunity for self-reliance (Directing) in that environment. They try to avoid ever being subservient to others, being domineering over others (an interesting tension) and or being isolated from others. They are most at ease with people who clearly are flexible in their behaviours and who are readily able to adapt to what ever the situation calls for.

Their watch-outs are not being so open minded that they lose sight of what they really think about an issue, and being quick to blame anything that goes wrong on a lack of teamwork. They also have to be careful not acting to disagree with others just to show that there are many ways to do things.

Be aware that any strengths that are overdone will diminish your contribution to the team.

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